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5 Pack - Hexagonal Weigh Boats for measuring on your scales or holding/separating items!

Rigid but Flexable/Bendable for Exact pouring without loosing contents!

Anti-Stactic, Very important! (Won't "Jump" your gold around or fling with Static-Electricity)

White colored so you can see your items easily!

Measures 64mm top x 51mm bottom 

With Hexagonal edges you can Flex to for exact pours!

Technical information:

- Smooth sufaces (nothing to "catch" your items)

- Biologically inert

- Resistant to weak acids, aqueous solutions, alcohols and bases

- Resistant to temuratures of 158F (70C)

QTY: 5

5 Pack - Hexagonal Weigh Boats - White - Anti-Static - 64x51mm

SKU: 1005
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